Mom Tested, Kid Approved! Getting Feedback from the Kiddos

I’ll admit while working on the Goth Inspired Composition Notebook I had a couple of other ideas stirring in my head. So I was really hoping the kids would be interested.

The day was finally here, my first ever book finally arrived. Sure, low content can be seen as not a big deal to some but to me I was excited. So it was time to show the kiddos and see what they thought. Also to see if they’d be interested in learning how to make books…

One of those times I wished I had a camera rolling in the background because their reaction was priceless. I hand them the notebook, they take it looking at me confused. I quickly explain it was the one I made.

Seriously, I wish I caught this on camera because I can still vividly remember their response. “Whoa! You made this?” my oldest blurts out.

His brother chimed in with a “Yeah!”

My oldest continues, “Wait do we have any kids’ budget left?”

Now I’m the confused one. “Some, why?”

“So we can buy some to use at school!”

So I’ll move on to avoid the tears that still happen when I remember that moment. I hid them (probably horribly) with a laugh. “Wouldn’t you want to make your own?”

“But we don’t know how to make something this cool.”

Seriously they’re either the sweetest or smoothest kids ever… I’m not sure where I stand in that sense. They were excited the moment I explained I would love to teach them how to make stuff like this.

Yay, Kiddo Approved!

With the kiddos excited now, I knew this wasn’t going to be something that would compete with family time. It could be something to do together during family time!

After a brief discussion about copyrights, trademarks, and licensing there commitment wavered. Although I don’t think too much as they came up with ideas and want to make an activity book.

One nice added bonus was having a tangible copy has come in handy when it comes to word-of-mouth style marketing. Heck, it even resulted in a Request from Jess at Daring Damsels to have one made for Daring Damsels.

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