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Yup, there’s the link, no-fuss no-muss. I like to cook and sometimes when I want to make something I resort to a recipe… I bet you know where I’m going here… Yeah I don’t like the “life stories” before the recipe either. Thus you get the free download first, story, info, and tips come second!

This 8.5 x 11″ Daily Planner Page (not for commercial use) is based on the daily planner pages from my Perfectly imperfect Planner – 6″x9″ Undated/Blank 1-Month Planner available on Amazon.

This Daily Planner Has:

  • To-Do Lists (Need, Want, and Might)
  • Meal Tracking
  • Up to 16-hour Schedule
  • Day’s Mood Tracker
  • Day’s Stress Level
  • Good/Bad of the Day Sections
  • Daily Tracker
  • Last but Not Least, Space to Use As You Wish


To-Do Lists

I break these down into 3 sections. 3 Need to Do, 3 Want to Do, and 4 Might Do.

I’ve learned from trial-and-error as well as a lot of research that both limiting and sectioning your To-Dos is a big help. Thus you get the Need, Want, and Might break out.

A few quick tips to help with To-Do Lists:

  • Start your To-Do with verbs
  • Try to break down “annoying” To-Dos into time chunks
  • Make it yours, experiment until you find your way to do To-Dos

Need to Do

I still go back and forth on the amount here… Yes, we (yup me too not just you) like to think we can do way more than 3 “need” things in a day. There’s a lot of ways we trick ourselves into believing this for example if we overwork ourselves. Another “favorite” of mine is breaking down 1 task into a bunch of steps and saying they’re unique To-Dos. I’m sure if you’re honest with yourself you’ll come to the same conclusion.

So what are some good examples?

  • Buy groceries for next week’s meals
  • Cook next week’s meals
  • Portion out next week’s meals

As you can see even in my quick example you can argue that they could be split up over 2 days. Depending on how busy your life is that might be the best option.

Want to Do

This one is usually easy to figure out. While figuring out what we want to do is easier keep it reasonable or it can become overwhelming.

Might Do

Here’s where you would focus on the type of things that don’t have a set timeline so you can move them to another day.

Up to 16-hour Schedule

You can break this down to a half-hour block and still keep it at 16 hours. If you don’t need the 16 hours you can break each block into smaller chunks. It’s blank to ensure you can decide how to fill it out.

On the off chance, you’re wondering why only 16 hours and not 24, 6-8 hours is considered to be a healthy amount of sleep. Please try to get sleep… as someone who has issues with regular sleep it can have drastic effects on your life if you neglect sleep.

Meal Tracking

Maybe your life is busy and you forget to eat at times. Sometimes it doesn’t take a busy life to have issues remembering if we’ve eaten or what we’ve eaten. Either way, there are 7 lines to give a bit of flexibility with meal tracking.

Day’s Mood Tracker

When you track your mood, stress, as well as the good and bad of your day you can figure out what needs to change.

Day’s Stress Level

Stress and the effects it has on the human body are scary. That alone is a good reason to track it. To build off that you can also look back and see where you had higher stress days and get an idea of what happened that day.

Good/Bad of the Day

Building off the Mood and Stress trackers, tracking the good or bad that happened throughout the day helps. It is also important not to ignore either one of these as it helps give more of a “whole picture” view when you review your day.

Daily Tracker

List out things throughout the day you want to track for example water. Here is a visual example of a few ways to add items if you prefer visuals:

As You Wish

Doodle, play tic-tac-toe, extra notes. You name it the section is for you to do with as you wish.

Princess Bride As You Wish

If you find this daily planner helpful I would love to hear about it. Comment below or share on social media.

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