2022 ehh Planner: A Planner for People with ADHD or Executive Function Problems

Designed by an ADHDer


I am also a mother of a kid with ADHD


Suffice it to say finding ways to stay organized are important to me. I’ve tried a lot of things from traditional journals, task apps, calendars, etc. the list goes on and on. As time went on I realized I wasn’t the only one.

I premade some of the parts that take a lot of time and don’t help with keeping on top of tasks and goals. That said, I made sure to leave plenty of room for creativity and indulge in small distractions.

Sometimes keeping track of things comes with ideas or doodles.

That is okay!

The key is to make sure after writing down the idea or doodling, you get back to the things you need to do.

Oh and don’t worry this planner comes with instructions. Well, I should say a suggested way to use it. There isn’t one way to do it “right” if you will so feel free to tweak my suggestions. Or throw them out completely and do what works for you.

The goal is to use it in a way that helps you get and stay organized.

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2022 ehh Planner Paperback Light Cover

2022 ehh Planner Paperback Light Cover

2022 ehh Planner Paperback Dark Cover

2022 ehh Planner Paperback Dark Cover