A Perfectly imperfect Planner: Get Organized with Room for Chaos

It Started with a Simple Request

After making the 2022 ehh Planner I got a request to make a separate monthly tracker printout.

Fueled by a Bet

While working on the separate monthly tracker printout I was on the phone with my best friend. She was talking about how she needed to clean her place and how it was going to take “…DAYS! to clean up.” Mind you she lives in a 1 bedroom apartment and while she struggles with keeping spaces clean and organized she doesn’t get to the point it would take days… After she finished explaining her clean-up plan I realized it sounded familiar… Making a task seem more grandiose than it is, is something I’m quite familiar with. Sometimes learning from my struggles with ADHD comes in handy (not that I’m saying she has it too) so I ask her to take a picture of this disaster scene.

The top image is the before, objectively speaking I think we can all agree it isn’t that bad. I bet her all of her remaining fun money for the month that I could come over and clean up her living room and kitchen in an hour.

After realizing it wasn’t that bad if I was willing to bet. (I don’t usually bet unless it’s close to a sucker’s bet in my favor.) Her counter was a hand-delivered (we live in the same city) copy of the book I was working on if she could get the living room and kitchen cleaned up in 4 hours… So she got off the phone and went to cleaning. It took her closer to 3 hours, I was proud of her. Except… what book? I was working on a printout…

A Planner is Born

I looked back at the conversation and I realized we had made several tangents in the realm of organization and planners. I grabbed my notebook and jotted down what I could remember, as I added more of the conversation I realized somehow we mixed in parts of the 2022 ehh Planner.

So a plan for an undated planner or blank planner was born.

I liked the idea of it being a lower commitment to the year planner as well as something that could have more room for daily planning. I limited it to 1 month~ish. I say “ish” because it needed to account for months with weird starts and stops. Also, I’m not a fan of the split day thing a lot of calendars and planners do when you have a month that technically spans 6 weeks.

Instructions Suggestions Included

As with the 2022 ehh Planner I also included a few tips and suggestions in the planner to get you started either using the planner or coming up with your own way to use the planner.

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A Perfectly imperfect Planner

A Perfectly imperfect Planner