Who is “ehh Books”? Someone who “wears” Lots of Hats

Also a human… At least I’m fairly certain or I passed the Turing Test. Although I did help make 2 amazing kiddos so I think the human part wins. In any case, I love to learn and make things, this has led to wearing a lot of “hats.” Maybe someday actually wearing hats more often. I’d also like to thank my A.D.H.D. for the mix of hyperfocus and easily distracted moments that have come in handy when learning at my pace.

Hi, I’m Liz

The quirky lady behind ehh Books

Everyone likes stats right? Err, not Dungeons and Dragons stats though. Sorry for the buzzkill there, though I like to think I have a high CHR score if we were going to discuss those.

How about a pie chart?

Who doesn’t love charts and statistics?

made up chart about Liz's Stats

Okay so the chart is completely made up but if you add up Dorky, Geeky, Nerdy, Squirrel, and “Ooo, Shiney!” together it totals 42… See Dorky or Geeky should probably be higher hehe. Anyway, I’ll try to remain focused on the parts that pertain to book-making.

What is “ehh”?

My initials, I know, I know, I’m super creative 😀

Also an expression of indifference or surprise. I liked the idea as a brand so I went with it. After all the idea of a book that either excites you or is practical sounds appealing to me in its own ways.

Creative Side

Visual Creativity

I’ve mentioned it throughout my previous posts so I’ll quickly touch on the sketchbooks. For as long as I can remember my dad always made sure I had access to sketchbooks and art supplies. As I write this I remember the first time I was given pastels and I couldn’t help but think they were big kid crayons. Kid logic hehe but I fell in love with them because they were messy!

I do remember my mom having a bit of a panic when I looked into wood burning and carving. As a mom now I’ll have to admit she was right I did burn myself and cut myself learning but I survived.

I learned a lot of different ways to make things.

It also led to art school and a set of skills that have been invaluable throughout my life.

Creative Writing

The odd element about this was in elementary school I don’t remember enjoying this. Maybe it was the assignments or the grading… It wasn’t until high school that I can remember enjoying this aspect. I used to write fan fiction for friends and my own stories.

It also works out I’ve been fortunate enough to make money with those skills. So why not apply those skills again? This time creating books.


Letting a kid play with seemingly broken computers in the back of a classroom to keep them from being a distraction still seems like a great idea now. I guess the argument can be made I wasn’t learning the class lesson which is bad. However, if I was a distraction I wasn’t going to learn it anyway. Besides, I figured out which plugs went into which ports and those broken computers now worked.

That’s about all there was beyond playing video games at home until I got to college. Initially, I went in with the intention of becoming a 2D animator. Once I learned what that entailed my dreams were crushed, I started to switch toward 3D. That lead down the rabbit hole of Video Game Development.

Specifically figuring out how to get things to interact/work. Doors opening on proximity or button presses, elevators, it goes on and on. My brain could wander and I made cool things, as long as I didn’t get technical others thought they were cool too!

Shockingly, I went on to work in the video game industry. After building up a few years I met someone and they ended up moving to Las Vegas, NV. I decided to follow them as I figured computer/console video game skills would carry over into slot machine games. After all, they were starting to shift in that direction… I was wrong.

inconceivable meme from Princess Bride

Turns out my skills did translate rather well into web development by proxy included digital marketing. I also even got to put on the I.T. hat from time to time.


It all started when I was a toddler. At least I assume so, based on when I realized my kids were trying to market and sell me on various notions. I can’t wait to point that element out to them as I work on teaching them about marketing and sales.

I remember in elementary school I would buy bags of candy and then sell the pieces of candy to the other kids until I got in trouble for it… Coincidently a school snack shop shortly afterward opened up. For a small mark up of course… My allowance wasn’t enough to get chili cheese nachos and elotes every day I wanted. Looking back maybe I could have skipped the snacks a bit more but it was a motivating factor to get a young entrepreneur started.

Then there was Magic the Gathering cards in high school, I had a bus pass, time, and the saved-up allowance to buy a box of packs. I marked up the packs a bit and even had a deal going so that I would “pocket” 6 packs from every box. For a while it was a very nice setup, I kept up with the new cards or made extra money. The downside of course was it cost me my allowance once my dad found out how much money I was making… A small price to pay to make sure he didn’t think I was selling drugs or worse to make money.

I guess it isn’t really surprising to see I ventured into the realm of digital marketing. At least when you consider my childhood and appreciation for the development side of things.

As an adult, the one element that has grown the most is a desire for honest and good value marketing.

The Scholar Side


Hey, wait, that’s not in the pie chart!? I know… Although I did say I made the chart up, I hope you’ll forgive the omission. Besides Final Fantasy XIV’s Scholar is cute! And you get a fairie! What’s not to love? Hehe, okay in all seriousness not that version, but the type that is someone who continues to learn/study.

My love of learning and researching has been an amazing asset when it comes to all elements in my life. I would make a joke about my kids being an exception as they didn’t come with instructions. While it is partly true, even then when I take the time to learn from them it continues to pay off.

Hopefully, this gives you a bit of insight into the person behind ehh Books and why I thought KDP Books would be a great idea for me. Oh, on the off chance you’re thinking to yourself “I don’t have those skills”, remember they are skills. It is never too late to learn or expand your knowledge about skills.

I also have plans of sharing what I’ve learned. Either through templates, posts about My Journey, or videos on my YouTube channel I recently started up.

Share your thoughts!

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ehh RPG Notebook

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A Perfectly imperfect Planner

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2022 ehh Planner Paperback Light Cover