Answering The “What?” Err, What ehh Books Does

The “final” element of Simon Senik’s Golden Circle is the “What.” Save the easiest for last! Every business should be able to answer this easily… if not well introspection and reevaluations might need to occur sooner than later.

This is “what do you do?” which appeals to the rational or neocortex part of the brain. Also known as your products and services.

What is ehh Books’ “What”?


Books, specifically books that cater to those who are looking for a different good quality book. A book that leaves the customer feeling like they got a good (ideally great) value for their money.

As I let my mind wander on the potential for types of books and how I’d build that value I realized there are likely going to be other products eventually. One that stuck out was if I made a book that had a theme or character basis that became popular I could branch out to say t-shirts.

Ambitious? Sure, but then again when starting a business and building a brand it sounds like a great trait to have.


Building off the “How” elements of in-use and how-to content. Using social media to share inspirational content as well as examples of how to use ehh Books’ products (in-use content).

Besides those, there will also be how-to videos in relation to making books and the tools commonly used. As I’ve been diving in, what I’m finding is a lot of people are looking for help in that sense. I love the idea of being able to help others out, so a win-win. Sure it technically breeds more competition but as I’ve said before while scary I think it’s healthy. Also, competition helps fuel innovation, I can’t fathom what may spur from that but the potential sounds exciting to me.

Eventually, I am planning to expand that to include various marketing-related elements. Also, likely project management elements as getting organized and tracking things are important.

A Great Starting Point

As time goes on I’m sure things will shift, that’s natural in business. This is a great starting point as it will help keep me focused on building ehh Books as a business and a great brand sooner than later.

Share your thoughts!

ehh RPG Notebook

ehh RPG Notebook

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A Perfectly imperfect Planner

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2022 ehh Planner Paperback Light Cover