ehh Books NEEDS a Website! Building Brand Means Owning It

I’ve touched on it a bit in my Who is “ehh Books”? post, many of my skills fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. That of course includes website building and knowing the importance of a website to a brand. I decided the way I want to approach this element of the journey was to break it down into 3 categories:

  • Building a Brand
  • Flexible Central Hub
  • Beyond Only Amazon KDP

Building a Brand

I’ve learned a strong brand requires a strong identity, image, culture, and personality. A website helps by offering a way to not only convey that but almost fully control how and when that will be conveyed. It also helps create another important element a method of interaction with your potential customers, customers, and/or supporters, etc.

Flexible Central Hub

Part of that flexibility comes with the freedom to make my website look how I want. The irony is helping others find their website’s look isn’t too hard. Finding mine feels impossible, well I found “good enough for now.” I do take a bit of solace in that many artists struggle with finding the “finished” moment. To me, website design and development are forms of art.

A website offers a location where they can better tailor their visitor’s experience. With a website you can decide how you present your products or services, also how and which methods of communication you will support.

What about social media?

I do too, have a Facebook Page! Although I’d probably be fangirling too much to respond, it’s funny to pretend if nothing else.

As much as I love social media it still sits in second place when it comes to interaction. You’re at the whim of the social media company as well as its users to a lesser degree. Oh and algorithms/automated service… most of the time you don’t have human interaction when it comes to decisions nowadays as it’s cheaper. If something ever happened to your brand’s access to social media you might have lost all means of contact.

I know it’s unlikely. However, it isn’t too much more work to interact with your customers and supporters through your website as well as social media. So I’m not neglecting social media, I’m using it (awkwardly at times) in addition to having a website.

What about Author Central?

Amazon’s Author Central is nice but it depends on Amazon remaining happy with you. I don’t like that especially with so many stories of low content creators beyond banned. Granted a majority of the stories end up being a result of breaking the rules and hoping you’ll get away with it. The interaction in that instance is inconsistent and seemingly highly automated. While unlikely, it’s a concern and I think a good reason to not have all your eggs in one basket. I’m not neglecting it but again using it in addition to having a website and in addition to using social media.

Beyond Only Amazon KDP

Having a website from the get-go also allows for better future growth. While I love how much Amazon KDP offers, it doesn’t change my earlier sentiment. Putting all my eggs in one basket sounds like a bad idea. Err well you know if I put eggs in baskets instead of having them in cartons from the store.

As part of the brand, I want to do more with books than what Amazon currently offers. I could wait and hope that Amazon will eventually add the services I have in mind however then I’m on their timeline at best. I’d rather grow through Amazon and keep using it as long as it benefits the brand. Starting early on with the idea that leaving Amazon is not only okay but part of the plan makes it less scary if I’m not the one making the choice later.

Share your thoughts!

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