Low Content KDP Seems Sketchy…

Then again doesn’t anything related to “passive income” sales pitches? But still… there are only a few people online talking about it in a meaningful manner.

All Sales Pitches are Suspicious to Me

I guess it might be one of the downsides of having an advertising/marketing/sales background. They also rarely ever work on me, except for tacos… those usually work, I mean who doesn’t love tacos?

I researched the various “Hows” I could think of:

  • How to make Low Content Books?
  • How to Advertise them?
  • How much money are people making?
  • How do I find niches?

I’m sure I’m forgetting some of the hows at this point but those are the ones that stick out even now.

How to make Low Content Books?

This seemed like the obvious one to start with. After all, if I don’t know how others are making their books then I’ll likely have to deal with a lot of trial and error…

You know looking back I still went through some trial and error. Err I should say that’s more so figuring out which tools I wanted to use as I know how to use quite a few. It didn’t help that it gave me a great excuse to brush up or learn various Adobe Products my Creative Cloud has to offer. I will admit it definitely isn’t necessary but it is nice in several ways.

I should point out when it comes to Low Content Books the majority of the work is usually on the cover. There were some guides I was able to find and they helped a lot to get me started.

It’s funny nearly a month later, lots of videos and research later and Paul Marles’ video still sticks out in my head. Specifically this one:

He explained things in a way that was easy for me to understand. I was able to tweak the steps to use tools I already knew how to use. It was a great starting point, seeing how much Paul gives back definitely makes me want to help as well. I’m sure there will be videos I’ll end up making as I discover problems I can help solve.

Even after feeling at ease with the creation process, I didn’t want to jump in too fast.

Stay Cautious!

Diving in is great unless it’s the shallow end.

I still wasn’t completely convinced. Which is a good place to be when trying new things. Don’t be afraid to try them but remain cautious. While time is the more valuable commodity we have it’s also usually the one we can invest with safely.

I was okay with taking time to do things after all I want to figure out how I can turn this into a family activity. I love teachable moments with my kids. It gets me some “cool mom” points and I can help teach my kiddos some valuable skills.

Is Everyone Selling Classes?

The more I dig the more it feels like that’s the goal. Give away just enough information to be interested in their classes. Not everyone does but often times it feels like that’s the real goal.

Thankfully I found some people who are looking to share their knowledge, tools they use, and, well, be helpful. Very inspirational and definitely feel welcoming so I’m glad I have found them. I definitely want to help…

ehh Books’ “Getting Started with Low Content KDP” coming in 2022!

I’m totally kidding in that sense, I love to teach but have no intentions of making a paid classes program. Making tools to use for free, templates once I get more confident sure. Also YouTube videos with helpful tips, how-tos, and more, definitely.

Share your thoughts!

ehh RPG Notebook

ehh RPG Notebook

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A Perfectly imperfect Planner

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2022 ehh Planner Paperback Light Cover