Digging into the “How” and “Who”s of ehh Books

Continuing with the “How” from the Golden Circle after diving into the “Why” element. I also think more of the “Who” needs to be looked into as well.

The “How” factors how your strengths and/or values are different from your competitors. Also how you articulate the “Why” or your purpose.

To help me dive into the “How” it seems obvious I need to dig into the “Who” as well. This might change over time but for now, I see there are 2 “Who”s that helped me find the “How.”

Which sounds like a weird breathing routine… Who… Who… How…

Okay back on track. In short, the 2 “Who”s are the human element in ehh Books, and the customers or those who might benefit.

The “Who” in ehh Books

Primarily that would be me Liz and to a lesser degree my kiddos. In a literal sense that is easy, I touched on it a bit when going over the purpose, motivation, and beliefs of “Why.”

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that competition drives innovation. Add in the notion that teaching or sharing my knowledge has not only helped others but helped me grow and learn as well. It’s a win-win for sure.

Adding to those is my disdain for the lack of a human element in business. Don’t get me wrong some automation is great but it feels like a lot of times lately we’re going too far. So ensuring ehh Books keeps a human element is also important to its “Who.”

The “Who” in Those Who Benefit

Those who want products that aren’t just built for the masses but can find a bit of “this is me” in them. Also, those who find what I offer as ehh Books to be helpful or useful.

There’s an element that carries over from the “Who” in ehh Books in that sense, part of helping others through sharing knowledge. While not necessarily related to products I want to reach those who are looking to learn how to make books. In some cases those who’re looking for ideas of how to use books.

The “How” of ehh Books

Let’s break this down into two sections based on the “Who”s above, addressing what makes ehh Books different and articulating purpose.

How ehh Books’ strengths and values makes them different

To me, competition is scary but healthy. There are a lot of skills I’ve picked up over time that not only help with making books but with living life. I want to share those to fulfill the purpose of providing value to others. So it isn’t just making books that can help but also providing suggestions to make use of them.

Side note: Coincidently this also addresses the notion of “would you use/buy your products.”

It isn’t often I see either when it comes to businesses in general.

How ehh Books’ articulates its purpose

This builds off the first half of “How.” If the goal is to provide different, good quality and has value showing the products in use goes a long way. Sharing that interaction through social media means the customers can give input/feedback as well. That said I welcome feedback from anyone.

Beyond the products in use, sharing how-tos will help build that human element by showing we care. It also builds on the human characteristic of helping others.

Building off the human element is also ensuring there is a real person interaction. Sure there’s some automation in the process of making books that Amazon handles but on the ehh Books, there will always be me (Liz). Although touching on the human element I do need sleep. Also, have kiddos so sometimes that interaction will come with delays. I hope that will be deemed acceptable in the end.

Share your thoughts!

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ehh RPG Notebook

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A Perfectly imperfect Planner

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2022 ehh Planner Paperback Light Cover