Daring Damsels Composition Notebook

I ended up showing the Cute Goth Composition Notebooks to Jessa “The Bat” Tripp from Daring Damsels. I loved her response and I quote “when can I get one?” As we kept chatting I asked if she would be interested in a custom-made book for Daring Damsels. After all composition notebooks are her go-to for jotting down notes when she is as she puts it, off on one of her escaping reality adventures.

I had a lot of fun coming up with this custom cover. The artwork from Daring Damsels just looks so cute and flowed well together. The best part was that when I took the images to the pages it was such a cool look. As a result, the inside pages ended up with a lot of custom pages. Since this was a special creation for Jessa and Daring Damsels there is only a wide-ruled format as that is what she uses.

If you’re like me you might not want to write in the notebooks because they aren’t boring. That’s the beauty of being able to get yours with Amazon’s print-on-demand option. Oh and if you have Amazon Prime that works for these too, so you’ll be able to get extras fast!

  • Composition Notebooks are 7.5″ x 9.25″ (between A5 and A4)
  • 120 pages
  • Line spacing: wide-ruled

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Daring Damsels Composition: A Wide Ruled Composition Notebook

Daring Damsels Composition: A Wide Ruled Composition Notebook